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She asked me out...I said yes..god she's beautiful...and I love her to death..but she's not who I want. She's been one of my best friends for a while. She's seen me through heartbreak after heartbreak. I'd rather be with my ex, but he doesn't want me. So settled for her..and I feel awful. I shouldn't have said yes...and now if I say no, she will hate me forever...


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Hi. I'm Heather. I'm 16. I am in my Junior year. I'm pansexual. I will no longer tolerate perverts. You will be blocked. I have deleted a lot of my deviations and journals because of the comments I've been getting. I am taking back my original account from the perverts who drove me away in the first place.

Remember That Girl?
by XvictoryXvenomX

Remember that girl, so innocent and sweet?

Who lived in a fantasy and believed in dreams?

That girl who would laugh and smile just for fun?

From monsters and terrors she never had to run?

That girl who let her imagination run free?

Unafraid to be all that she could be?

That girl that would never submit to the dark?

With so much spirit and so much heart?

That girl who would stand up for what was right?

Who was unafraid to live and enjoy her life?

That girl whose eyes were lovely and bright?

Who believed the only limit was the sky?


She's gone now and she's been replaced

That sweet little girl has been erased

The strange girl in her place is cold and dark

Ruined by a tattered and broken heart

She's made so many mistakes and holds so much regret

How she became such a failure, she'll never get

She hides from the world, timid and shy

Hiding her face and the tears she cries

She sits alone grieving her lost and innocent past

She took a wrong turn and ended up on a barren path

She wanted to turn back and recover

But she was stuck and had to suffer

Ever since she broke, she's tried to hide the misery

But sometimes it's hard… and I know because this girl is me

^ This poem describes me I thought I'd get her permission (Which I do don't flip shit.) and post it in my bio.

I find this to be true in my life
What I say: I don't believe in god.
What people think I mean: I have anal sex with the devil.

Your favourite band isn't your favourite band just because of the music. Yes, that's a huge part, but it's also their personalities. It's when finding out that they're not coming to your city ruins your week. If you've seen them live, you know the dates by heart. It's the fact that their videos can make you smile with tears streaming down your face. You can make fun of them like you do with your best friend. You do chores just to earn enough to buy a ticket, CD, t-shirt, DVD. You fall in love with their personalities. You cry because you're so proud of them. You defend them with your life. For some people, they've saved their lives. You love the crew like you love the band. They're the reason you know some of your best friends.- GrimAsEver

Anything else you want to know? Ask. PEACE.<3

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